Social and Emotional Wellness

Social and Emotional Wellness/Intelligence teaches people how to

  • Identify, understand, regulate and manage their emotions.
  • Develop self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness.
  • Create positive relationships with others.
  • Teaches responsible decision making.

Goals for these skills is to be able to:

  • Make choices that can help us to be more understanding, compassionate and accepting of others.
  • Develop better communication skills,
  • Promote a safer learning and working environment.
  • Create healthier, stronger and long lasting relationships.

Understanding Behavioral Styles & Team Building

There are four different behavioral styles in which we operate in. Understanding these styles is like putting a puzzle together. In order to make it work you need realize four very important things:

  1. All pieces are needed.
  2. No one piece is more important than another.
  3. All posses different gifts and talents that they bring to the team.
  4. Each has their own strength and weaknesses.

Behavioral styles is the ” tip ” of the iceberg, it doesn’t tell you everything that may be going on with someone, but it helps you learn how to speak and understand other people language. My goal is to help you learn how to recognize and understand your own style so you can learn how to a better, more effective communicator.

Goal Setting

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”  – Napoleon Hill. Understanding why we set goals can be just as important as learning how to set goals. Most people have wishes that they believe are goals, but until you commit it to paper and action, it will just stay a wish. I have a five step process to setting goals that are not only simple to follow, but very effective.


Leadership Training

What makes a leader? Is it his/her ability to communicate effectively? Their listening skills? or perhaps their ability to take charge of any situation? It’s all those abilities combined and much more, but, what separates a good leader from a GREAT LEADER? is what we should be asking ourselves.


Simply put: A good leader gets you excited about their vision. Their motto is:  ” Follow me and I’ll get you there ”


A GREAT!! leader gets you excited about your vision. Their motto is: ” Let me HELP you and we’ll get there together ”


In my leadership training, we’ll break down what ” Leadership ” means and how to be a ” LEADER ” that influences others to be the best they can be.

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