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I work one-on-one with men and women who want it all. My clients come to me with a hunger for real authentic change to propel them into the rich, fulfilling lives they’ve imagined.  They are often experiencing a transition in their career or a relationship, or they just have a deep sense that life could be better. 

What happens in coaching sessions should unfold for days and weeks… it’s not the minutes in the session that matter, but what you are doing with the insights you gain, and how you change.  Our work together will help you treat yourself (and others) with honesty and compassion, eliminate self-imposed obstacles, and set realistic goals and priorities so you can feel more connected and fulfilled day to day, no matter what life brings.

Coaching is a creative process that can literally build new neural pathways and bring unprecedented freedom.

I’m a Certified Personal Life Coach with the Martha Beck Institute, a proud wife and mom, lover of books and the outdoors, producer, writer, and creative dabbler.

Personal life coaching in person or via teleconference. Confidential, convenient, tailored to your specific needs.
I use multiple coaching tools and support you in creating the changes you are committed to.

I offer Free 20-minute consultations.

Alissa Norton, Certified Personal Life Coach

I’ll be hosting several group coaching experiences this fall, including:

  • Creator’s Club (for those wishing to complete a creative or professional project, or change a well-defined habit);
  • Online Course Club (for creating an online course in any subject); and Moms’ Intention Club (for support in reaching family and personal goals).


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