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Here are some 40 character message examples our CUSTOMERS, AFFILIATES and INDEPENDENT REPS have used through our GO service to promote their business:

Advertising Your Business

Want Gr8 Advice 4 Shaping up

Need a LIfeCoach Call  (###) ###-####

Who is in Control of your Health?

I turn cougars into cubs with my skin care

Spray Tans XX% OFF Call 561.800.9582

Wondering how I go on your phone?

Hey me over here, no over here

How did this get here?

Hey its me, I’m on YOUR phone

See how I got this msg on ur phone!

Market smarter, not harder

Advertising on a shoestring budget

Your biz message & link here? Yes!

Own a biz? Me too, check it here

Hey, its XYZ, I’m over here!

Got your attention, didn’t I!!

You should tell your boss about this

Got your GO? Get it HERE!

My Keychain sent you this – Click N See

Money for Nothing | Clicks for Free

Yessss This is POWERFUL keep going

Keep this going ……….


You’ve NEVER seen this before.

I know you want to know how I did this!

Look what WALDO found!!

Hey it’s XYZ! Lets talk!

Hi it’s _________!

Promoting Products





Get Your Sexy Body Back Now!

Advertise UR biz anywhere!

I have a cheap way 2 promote ur biz!

Advertise Your Business Anywhere You Go

Love horses? So do we! Learn more

SHARPENING SERVICE” We make dull sharp

Piquing Interest

“Holy Cow”(Click here)

What does your smile say about you?


Have you checked in yet?

Lose friends now, ask me how!

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Promote ANY business like this!

Attract more customer with this!

Your Biz Ad Here” Only $25!”



Extra Income Marketing

Hey, guess how I found you!

Your Mum called

Have you seen this yet?

Using nontoxic products?

Need a good nights sleep?

Why not travel and get paid doing it?

Get Paid To Travel

Have debts? I’m here 2 help fix that.

Want to lose the bulge?

Tone up, tighten up here

Residual income here

Earn $1-300 daily

I get paid 4 ways, do you?

Are you earning residual income?

Make extra money effortlessly!

Make extra cash sharing this

Still got some month left at end of $

Get paid to mobile market

Make money promoting or using this

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Be Paid 2Share Your Message

I’m outside, are you here?

Sorry I missed your call


What if this could be your message

Ever wish you could get in at the start?

It’s all changed, take a peek

Ask me how to manifest your dreams!

If it’s not fun it’s not worth it!

Boldly Go Where few have gone before

Have I got news for you!!

Happy Monday! Coffee’s on me!

“We Fix Bad Credit & Boost The Scores”

Shop online & Get paid!!!

Click here 2 tour your next new home

Tour your next new home here

Would you like a free tour?

Check this place out ! Amazing !

Hey it’s me XYZ, call me XYZ123

You’re almost here

Hey give me a shout when you……


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100% Secure Order Form – Your Privacy is Protected


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