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Love At WorkLove At Work

This month is February and this weekend is V-Day. So what’s “love” got to do with the work world? We are exploring this very topic in our two February “Chai Chat” shows. Our first show proposes that competition and “business as usual” may be positioned for extinction. At least we all better hope so given the abysmal statistics on worker disengagement (about 70%) and dissatisfaction (about 65%). What’s the alternative to competition and how could that model work? The answer is cooperation and collaboration. But how could anyone win if companies aren’t competing?

There is a deeply ingrained mindset in human consciousness marked by fear and a belief in lack and limitation. I call this the pie chart theory of life. It goes like this. If your slice is bigger, then mine is smaller. And vice versa. Is this really true? Is this indeed the way the Universe really works? Upon closer inspection, we see that it is not. If we look at the science of it, there is always more. The world has been in expansion since the beginning of time, or we would not be here and natural resources would have been long depleted. (Note: Any evidence of lack in this world is the result of human greed and the total misbehavior of the human ego. In truth, there is no issue of lack, but there is a serious issue of errant distribution.)

So focusing back in on the smaller picture, that of the business world, wouldn’t it hold true that it is also in a state of expansion? More customers, more products, more ideas, more companies…….in short, more? And if scientific principles hold true, even in the business world, why hold tight to a misguided competitive model? Why go against the grain of nature?

Data reflects that companies which are operating from a cooperation/collaboration model are forging ahead and attracting the brightest and best workers who have the highest rates of work engagement and satisfaction. These companies are driven by missions of service and social responsibility. They have leaders of a new breed, leaders who are called to serve.

So love IS at work. Maybe not at your workplace…..maybe not yet. How this evolution and transformation will take place is one by one. This is a most powerful number. Because it is you and it is me. This V-Day, this V-month, let’s bring love to work. Let’s begin to think and act with a little more love (cooperation and collaboration) and a little less fear (competition). I invite you to try this, even in small ways. Remember that the tiny pebble creates quite the big ripple.

And be sure to listen to our second V-month “Chai Chat” show because we have a very special guest who is quite the Love Cat in the biz world!


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