Vicki Higgins is the go-to career & life coach for the performance-driven executive who wants more out of life.

Vicki blends the practical aspect of business leadership with high-level personal development tools so you achieve elite results in all areas of your life – FAST!

* Work-Life Balance & Stress Management Coaching

* Corporate Culture Training

* Business Training for Entrepreneurs & Life Coaches

As a former international business executive, Vicki offers more than 20 years of real world experience. She created great success as an Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer with offices around the world.

Vicki left the corporate world behind to head up a global consulting firm providing executive development and coaching to leaders worldwide.

Many people work hard to create success in life. You climb the corporate ladder to success only to realize that the burdens of your role cause stress that steals your focus, time, energy or even your health.

Success as defined by society tends to be about money, power, and titles. Vicki believes in LIFE SUCCESS. What does that look like for you?

Would you like clarity on what to do?

Would you like to discover your purpose?

Would you like to reduce the stress that’s stealing your life?

If so, Vicki’s offers a breakthrough session to craft a plan unique to your situation.

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Vicki is a published author in NO MISTAKES: HOW YOU CAN CHANGE ADVERSITY INTO ABUNDANCE. is a new-thought leader and teaches courses, workshops, webcasts, and speaks around the world.

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    • CEO Accelerated Shift Marketing
    • Certified Destination Management Executive
    • MBA Indiana Wesleyan University
    • BA Sports Marketing Indiana State University


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