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Lindsey Morales your Transformation Coach

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unclear on what it is your next move.

You know you’re meant to be a successful business owner, but you don’t know what is the right niche that fits your values and desires.

Let me tell you about my personal journey to identifying my passion and discovering my purpose. 

I remember when I was still in the planning stages of starting my own coaching business and I was told to wait and get a corporate job. I knew that I didn’t want to spend my time working for someone else, and waiting for them to see my talents and, someday, give me an opportunity to coach.

I knew I had the business development skills and education to go out on my own, even if I lacked the corporate work experience.

I can help you do the same. After working with me you will be able to identify your true desires and start living your truth. You will have explored the benefits of adding self-care, wealth consciousness, and personal development practices into your everyday life. You will have the Abundant Entrepreneur Mindset.
I have overcome the adversities of being raised in a single-parent household, being the first generation to go to college, and starting my own business from scratch. I was told it wouldn’t happen for me several times. I was told I wasn’t good enough. I even told myself that lie until I decided to make a change in how I thought about myself and my dreams.

That’s when the TRANSFORMATION began!

 I realized that I enjoyed and I am really good at the practice of coaching. So I decided I would be a Life Transformation Coach and Business Coach. I have always been a person who loved hearing people’s stories and I also loved to help people. I worked in a couple of positions as a direct service provider so I knew I really enjoyed supporting others in personal development.

Become An Abundant Entrepreneur

Join 5 Fabulous Business Owners Living ON PURPOSE

I’m looking for Fabulous Entrepreneurs who are ready to tap into ABUNDANCE in life and business!
Results include but are not limited to:
– Life and Business Vision Clarity
– Stepping out of your COMFORT ZONE into YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS
– Build an Authentic Brand
– Plan FREEDOM in Your Business
– Reinvent your Life and Business
– Discover The Abundant Entrepreneur in YOU

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