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About Me &  Spiritual Life Coaching

Latara M. Zepeda is a writer,  motivational speaker, and a coach who empowers young individuals to discover their true passion, purpose, and identity in Christ. She seeks to leave a lasting impression, through the love of Christ, upon every person she encounters.

Break Out Life Coaching was originally designed while Latara was a College/Career Minister when Latara realized the value that coaching had in providing individuals with the tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

Latara grew up in Naples, FL. Growing up she wrestled with her faith and when she started college she chose to do things her way. Eventually she found herself homeless and it was during that time she realized that God always had a plan for her life and during that season all she had was a Bible. The Lord called her into Youth Ministry and also gave her the vision to create a College/Career Ministry, Rewrite. This ministry was birthed at New Life Church.

On a mission trip in 2014 to Nicaragua, Latara was called to Gainesville as a Walgreens transfer. While there she engaged in a completely different cultural setting; learning to build and maintain relationships with people and walking alongside and encouraging others. Working at Walgreens allowed Latara to hone in on her interpersonal skills with individuals that held different beliefs. God had a plan for Latara to work at a retail job to help her become a better communicator.

The Lord called her again to set out on a journey which would encompass a holistic approach to stewardship. In that, He provided a door for Latara to walk through in Cookeville, TN. She’s still learning new things but is now prepared to share her skills and help others to fully realize their God-given potential and abilities as well as to show how to walk through the door of God given opportunities which He has already laid out for them.


Spiritual Life Coaching

Breakout ‘s 5 Cs

Why 5c’s:

BreakOut firmly believes that people are not problems to be solved. The Five C’s are birthed out of BreakOut’s own curiosity and need to know what the “abundant life” truly is. As well as where its’ true identity, purpose, and significance as a Christian Business should be found. The “abiding and abundant life” that is promised by Christ Himself.

Therefore “The Five C’s” are not a formula or a program that was created to solve a problem; rather they are precious gems that are uncovered in the pursuit of a life-giving, abiding relationship with Christ. In other words: A constant Being, Loving, Living, and Leading in Christ Jesus the Lord.

What 5c’s:

  • Christ
  • Closeness
  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Conviction

5c’s Defined:

Christ: Lord of our entire Life/Savior of our soul.

We firmly believe that a Christ-centered approach births in our clients a closer relationship, a more confident walk, a clearer vision of their purpose and a life of conviction that is intentionally lived out daily.

Closeness: The state of being in a very personal or private relationship (intimacy); the state or condition of being near (nearness, vicinity); Strict attentiveness to what one is doing (care,vigilant, mindful).

At BreakOut we help our clients take a good look at where Christ has already planted them and/or where Christ is moving them to (transition) and how they can become proactive in clarifying the vision that He has for them. The more time you spend with Him, the Closer you become. That relationship transforms who you are and how you operate.

Confidence: The quality of or state of being certain; a relation of trust or intimacy.

Jesus Christ is either Lord of our entire life or He is Lord of nothing at all. That is a belief that must be reflected in our walk with Him and that should permeate the very way we live our life, as well as love people. Once you realize the closeness you share, it is possible to walk more confidently in Him because you trust Him.

Clarity: The quality or state of being clear.

Keeping in focus that a business can be run with Godly Principles and its’ clients are more than just a number. (In fact, its’ clients are their brother’s and sisters in Christ). Those few who do find an intentional life soon realize the stream wants to take their ship in other directions than what they intended. The more confident you become the clearer the vision and the priorities of life become.

Conviction: A strong persuasion or belief; a state of being convinced (Living Life on Purpose).

As a Coach, I began to recognize that the closer I walked with Christ the more confident I walked and the clearer the rest of life became. Living out my convictions was a lot easier than I ever known it to be before in my life. Now your identity is no longer rooted in what you do but rather who you are in Christ Jesus your Lord. This identity is one that brings about convictions and purpose.

How 5c’s:

BreakOut firmly believes that as a young woman clarity and conviction go hand in hand. Living life on purpose is an intentional decision that we make each and every day. Incorporating the 5c’s in your journey whether a newbie or a longtime follower of Christ is beneficial.

The clearer you become on where God is already working the easier it becomes to join Him in His work. This part is the adventure; Living Life on Purpose in Christ looks different for each of us. Life is now the laboratory where you live out what you have gleaned between sessions!

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