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Greg Vance Career Coaching

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Welcome to Career Meets Purpose! Hi, I’m Greg Vance. Thank you for your interest!

How to best describe me? I am a Creative Results Career & Business Coach, Multidiscipline Consultant, Ravenous Podcast Consumer, Blogger & Speaker.Career Coaching

I have a passion to profoundly impact the lives of others by using my gifts and talents in a unique way to thoughtfully make a difference. Specifically, I add value with a particular emphasis on challenging, inspiring, and coaching individuals towards growth and achievement. My strongest gifts are: Futuristic, Learner, Ideation, Relator, and Input. If you are not familiar with those terms – check out the Strengths Finder 2.0 book and assessment in Resources.

A key attribute of my coaching and consulting skills is my ability to personally connect with people on a trusted level, to use my broad business experience, and join with people from a position of knowledge and experience. I have a deep understanding of common individual, leadership, and business issues.

Greg Vance Career Coaching

What is Career Meets Purpose all about? I’m often tagged as the “Creative Thinker” – gifted in generating new ideas and charting the future. Career Meets Purpose is focused on enabling you to take action to ensure your career matches your life’s purpose. That shift could take on many forms. It could look like any one of the following examples: taking your career to the next level, taking your career in a totally new direction, creating a business startup that moves you from traditional employment – or something even more unique and specifically tailored to meet your needs. Career Meets Purpose works to help you take action to understand how you are uniquely gifted and to chart an action-oriented plan to fulfilling your Purpose. Ready for a change? Find out more about how to unlock your Purpose! For more information visit Start Here or Coaching Packages.

My experience and in-depth knowledge of the changing workplace combined with years of executive coaching have prepared me to work with a wide variety of people and personality styles. One strength is guiding people in the process of recognizing their unique gifts and talents – and to see how those talents can be applied in many different ways towards work that is significant (to you), fulfilling to meet your passion and purpose, and financially rewarding.

My Biography – I am a former Vice President of Systems for a Fortune 1000 financial services company. While much of my career has been in information technology (IT) and financial services, I discovered along the way a unique ability to connect with individuals and help them deal with career and job-related challenges and business challenges. In late 2014, I left my successful career as an IT executive to move boldly in a new direction. I am now devoting my energies to help individuals and businesses reach the next level and achieve their full potential.

My Family – I have been married to my wife, Sheri, for over twenty-seven years. We have one adult daughter (Jessica) – along with a newer son-in-law (Sam) – and an adult son (Sam). Yes! It often gets confusing with two Sams! We live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. In my free time, I enjoy spending lots of time with Sheri, reading, DIY adventures, cars, and trying to stay in shape(!).

My Contact Information – You can contact me via e-mail and connect with me via a variety of social networks. Please see the Contact Us section for more details about Career Coaching.

.My Content – My mission is to help others match their Career with their Purpose – To Ignite Their Future! Towards that goal, I podcast (coming soon) and write about personal development, mindset, leadership, productivity, Career Coaching and success in life. You can find out more about my mission and how I might be able to help you on my Start Here

Thank you so much for your interest.

It would be great for you to come and say “Hi” to me on Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn, or whatever your favorite social network may be in real time.

Greg Vance

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